Cambodia - India Scholarship Awareness Forum
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Cambodia - India Scholarship Awareness Forum

The University of Cambodia in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of India in Phnom Penh jointly organized a Cambodia-India Scholarship Awareness Forum at the India Room on the 9th floor, UC Building, on 5 January 2018 from 14.30 to 16.40 pm. There were around 50 students and staff attending the Forum with frank friendly atmosphere.

To start the event, Dean Keo Chhea, on behalf of the H.E. Dr. Kao Kim Houn, President and Founder of the University of Cambodia, warmly welcomed the delegation of the Indian Embassy in Phnom Penh, led by Mr. Rajiv Kumar, Charge d’Affaires a.i. and 2nd Secretary of the Embassy for their kind cooperation with the UC and gave a brief remarks the background of the Forum including the aim and goals of the University in pursuing quality education and vision through various ways of teaching, with which, the Forum is one of them, the outside – classroom teaching. He then further stressed on the education policy of the Royal Government of Cambodia with which the UC follows and enhances aiming at producing qualified man powers to compete in the free labour markets in Cambodia, region and the world at large. Dean Keo Chhea also talked about the long existing bilateral relations between Cambodia and India including India’s assistance and contributions in all fields for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Cambodia. He also stressed on the field of educations, focusing on scholarship and opportunities for studies both at UC and abroad.

Mr. Rajiv Kumar, Charge d’Affaires a.i. of the Indian Embassy, gave a brief account on Cambodia-India bilateral relations and India’s assistance in various fields including agriculture, cultural rehabilitation and education. He also talked about India’s Act East policy that enables Indian businessmen to invest a great deal in Cambodia, which could provide a big job opportunity young Cambodian workers and entrepreneurs. He touched briefly on the Indian scholarship offered annually and invited Mr. Adarsh K. Mishra to further detail on the scholarship and opportunities to study in India. He concluded by urging Cambodian youth to study the opportunities and possibility of doing business with India.

Mr. Adarsh K. Mishra, Attaché Education of the Indian Embassy in Phnom Penh, deliver a power point presentation on India’s offered scholarship for young Cambodians and opportunities for Cambodian students to further their studies in India. He also explained in detail on various types of scholarship offered, durations and commitment, and how to apply for scholarship. His power point presentation is attached for reference.

Mr. In Sovanpol, Assistant Dean of TSS and Secretary-General of the Cambodia-India Alumni Association (CIAA), and Mr. Khuon Ratanak, Business Promotion Officer of the Indian Embassy and member of the CIAA, talked a great deal of their learning experiences in India as well as universities and institutes in India. Dean Keo Chhea also shared his experience as the 1st batch Cambodian students studying in India in early 80s. Dr. Chhun Vannak also share his thoughts and experiences on scholarship and study experiences.

Six students asked questions ranging from types of scholarship, various fields of studies, process of scholarship as well as short courses and vocational training opportunities. The questions were met thoroughly and efficiently by the panelists to satisfy the students.

          Prof. Din Merican, gave a brief wrap-up on the forum and thanked the Indian team for their kind sharing to the Forum. He also gave advice to the students attending the Forum on both studying and commitment to scholarship both in the UC as well as abroad.

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