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Vanly Seng

Vanly Seng is currently an Assistant Dean and a Part-Time Lecturer at the Techo Sen School of Government and International Relations, the University of Cambodia (UC).  He received his B.A in Religious Studies from International Buddhist College in 2014, his first M.A in Peace Studies and Diplomacy from Siam University at Bangkok, Thailand, in 2014, and his second M.A in International Relations from Padjadjaran University at Bandung, Indonesia, in 2015. 

Vanly has taught various subjects in political science, religion, philosophy and psychology. His current research interests include Conflict resolution mechanisms, ASEAN and world affairs, and China’s economic transformation.  Vanly served as president of Student Platform on Social and Political Issues in Indonesia.  Apart from working at Techo Sen School, he also serves on the editorial assistant of the Cambodia Occasional Paper Series, the University of Cambodia. 




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