Inspiring Leaders for Innovation and Internationalization through Dialogue and Development

“We seek to build The Techo Sen School of Government and International Relations as an institution of unparalleled excellence where present and future leaders can be nurtured to meet the challenges of a globalised and technology driven world. Graduates of this School will be endowed with critical skills in diplomacy, public and business management, and governance, and ethical and moral values through dialogue and discourse for innovative ideas that will make for a peaceful and just world.

—Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, President, University of Cambodia and Chairman, The Techo Sen School of Government and International Relations

The Techo Sen School of Government and International Relations (Techo Sen School), as an integral part of The University of Cambodia, is dedicated to the development and training of leaders and researchers to work in  Cambodia, ASEAN and international organisations. Graduates of the School can find productive careers in the civil and diplomatic services, domestic and multinational corporations, and regional and international organisations like the ASEAN Secretariat, Asian Development Bank, The World Bank, The International Monetary Fund and the United Nations and its agencies.

Techo Sen School provides international standard, graduate level, non-partisan education and research. Its programmes and research initiatives are designed for carefully chosen and highly motivated candidates who are starting their careers or have advanced to positions of higher responsibility in their chosen vocations.

As a learning-centred institution, the School provides a unique and challenging educational environment which blends theory and practice with critical thinking and research skills for strategic and sound public policy and corporate decision making. It will enable leaders to navigate through the many challenges in a rapidly changing technology driven world. The academic programmes have been designed to enable graduate students to examine and discuss political, cultural, business and technical ideas and issues.

At the end of their programmes, they would have acquired creative and innovative approaches with requisite skills, attitudes and knowledge and ethical and moral values required for success in their respective fields. In that way, they can make significant and lasting contributions to society. They become leaders in political, economic and social development.

Techo Sen School is also a policy think tank which undertakes research on Cambodia  It also provides consulting, policy advisory and market and economic research services to the public and private sectors and organises  corporate briefing and international conferences on issues relevant to Cambodia and ASEAN.